Dazzling Elegance: 20 ѕtᴜппіпɡ Red and Gold паіɩ Designs from 2023

An effortless way to look expensive is to pay close attention to your nail color. Certain colors, such as neon, should be avoided if you want to achieve a preppy, upscale look. While neon can be fun and playful, it is not the best choice if you want to look glamorous.

Stick to classics like nude, red, or burgundy, but you can also experiment with different textures to spice up your manicure. Let’s talk about red and gold in this post.

You can achieve red and gold nails in a variety of ways, including by using nail polish or purchasing gold flakes or gold foil to layer on top of your red manicure. To apply gold flakes, dab a bit of nail glue on top of your nail, let it dry briefly (but not completely), and then gently press the gold flakes in place with a loose brush or even your finger. After you’ve applied it, seal it with a clear topcoat.

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