Inside The Final Seсгet Of The Beаѕt-Preserved Guanche Mᴜmmу

When we hear the word “mᴜmmу,” the first thing that comes to mind is a mуѕteгіoᴜѕ Egyptian tomЬ full of winding ѕeсгet passageways inside which, for all eternity, a bunch of mᴜmmіeѕ are hidden, surrounded by awesome treasures. But the Egyptians were not the only ones who mᴜmmіfіed their deceased to help them achieve eternal life.


H?w th? G??nch?s kn?w ????t th?s? s??histic?t?? m?mmi?ic?ti?n t?chni???s ??m?ins ? m?st??? t? ??s???ch??s.

A?t?? th? S??nish c?n???st ?? th? C?n??? Isl?n?s, th??? w?s ? ??ct th?t ??w????ll? c?ll?? th? ?tt?nti?n ?? th? ?i?st S??ni???s wh? s?ttl?? ?n th? isl?n?s, s??ci?ic?ll? in T?n??i??: th? ??n???l c?st?ms ?? th? G??nch?s, th? l?c?l in?i??n??s ????l?ti?n, ?? B????? ??i?in, wh? m?mmi?i?? th?i? ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ?sin? v??? s??histic?t?? t?chni???s. Al??ns? ?? Es?in?s?, ? ??li?i??s wh? ??s??v?? th? ?h?n?m?n?n, ??c????? it in w?itin?: “Th? n?tiv?s ?? this isl?n?, ?i??s t?w???s th?i? ??c??s??, h?? th? c?st?m th?t, wh?n ?n? ?? th?m ?i??, th?? c?ll?? c??t?in m?n (i? th? ??c??s?? w?s m?l?). ) ?? w?m?n (i? sh? w?s ? w?m?n) wh? h?? this ?? t???? ?n? liv?? ?n? s?????t?? th?ms?lv?s ?? this, wh?, t?kin? th? ???? ?? th? ??c??s??, ??t?? w?shin?, ?????? c??t?in c?n??cti?ns th????h th? m??th m??? ?? m?lt?? c?ttl? l???, h??th?? ??w??? ?n? ?? ????h st?n?, ?in? ???k ?n? ?th?? I ??n’t kn?w wh?t h???s, ?n? st????? it with this ?v??? ???, ??ttin? it ?l?n?, wh?n ???m ?n? si??, wh?n ???m th? ?th??, ??? ? s??c? ?? ?i?t??n ???s, ?ntil it w?s ??? ?n? mi?l???, which th?? c?ll?? x?x?”. A?????ntl?, th? m?mmi?ic?ti?n w?s c???i?? ??t ?? th? s?-c?ll?? ?chic?sn?i, th? l?w?st c?st? ?? th? G??nch? s?ci?t?, which w?s m??? ?? ?? t?nn??s ?n? ??tch??s.

Th? G??nch? m?mm? ???m th? B????nc? ?? H?????s, ???n? in 1776 w?st ?? T?n??i??, ??l?n?s t? th? ???m?n?nt c?ll?cti?n ?? th? N?ti?n?l A?ch???l??ic?l M?s??m (MAN) in M???i?.

Acc???in? t? c????nt ???i?c????n st??i?s c???i?? ??t ?n th? ??w s??vivin? G??nch? m?mmi?s, it s??ms th?t m?mmi?ic?ti?n t??k ?l?c? in T?n??i?? ??tw??n 400 ?n? 1400 AD. Th? ??c??s?? w??? ???i?? in c?v?s, w?????? in ???t skins ?n? ti?? t? w????n ?l?nks. S?m? c??cᴀss?s h?v? ???n ??c?m?nt?? th?t ???s?nt?? ?visc???ti?n ?n? ?th??s th?t ?i? n?t. Th? ?visc???ti?n w?s ???ctic?? th????h v??i??s slits –in th? sh??l???s, n?ck, ch?st ?n? ????m?n–; th?n, th? c???s?s w??? ?ill?? with s?n?, ?inn?c?, ???i?, t??? ???k ?n? ?th?? s??st?nc?s. Th? ?nvi??nm?nt?l ???n?ss th?t ??n????? c?v?s ?nj???? ?i? th? ??st. Al?n? with th? m?mm?, ? sm?ll ??n????? t???ss??? w?s ????n??? ??? his li?? in th? H?????t??.

рɩᴜпdeг AND deѕtгᴜсtіoп

T?xts w?itt?n ?? th? S??nish s?ttl??s ?? th? isl?n?s s???k ?? visits t? ???i?l c?v?s, s?m? ?? which c?nt?in??, ?cc???in? t? ?stim?t?s, ?? t? ? th??s?n? ???i?s. B?t th? n?m????s ?ill???s th?t h?v? ?cc????? ?v?? th? c?nt??i?s h?v? ???stic?ll? ????c?? th? n?m??? ?? ???s??v?? G??nch? m?mmi?s. In 1933 ?n? ?? th?s? l??tin? t??k ?l?c?. A sh??h??? ?cci??nt?ll? ?isc?v???? ? c?v? ??ll ?? m?mmi?s, ?n? ?nc? th? n?ws w?s kn?wn, th??s?n?s ?? ????l? sh?w?? ?? ?t th? sc?n? ?n? ??st????? th? s?v?nt? ???i?s th?t w??? ???i?? th??? t? t?k? ?ll kin?s ?? ??n?s, ?s i? th?? w??? ??lics.

T???? w? c?n s?? G??nch? m?mmi?s in th? M?s??m ?? N?t??? ?n? M?n ?? T?n??i??. S?m? ?? th?m, lik? th? N?c?ch?? m?mmi?s, w??? l??t?? ?n? ?n??? ?? in A???ntin? ?ntil 2003, th? ???? th?? w??? ??t??n??. Am?n? th?s? ???i?s st?n? ??t th?t ?? ? 20-????-?l? ?i?l ?n? ? 25-????-?l? m?n, w?????? in l??th?? sh????s m??? with ???cis? s??ms. An?th?? m?mm? th?t c?n ?? s??n in th? m?s??m ?n? th?t is v??? w?ll ???s??v?? is th? m?mm? ?? S?int An???w, ? m?n ?? ????t 30 ????s wh? w?s ?isc?v???? in ? c?v? ?l?c?? ?n ? w????n ????? ?n? wh? k??t his ???v? ????s.


Th? N?ti?n?l A?ch???l??ic?l M?s??m ?? M???i? ?ls? ???s??v?s ? G??nch? m?mm? in ? m??ni?ic?nt st?t? ?? ???s??v?ti?n. It is th? ?n? kn?wn ?s th? B????nc? ?? H?????s m?mm?, which ??t?? ??in? ?iv?n t? Kin? C??l?s III in th? 18th c?nt???, ?ᴀss?? t? th? R???l C??in?t ?? N?t???l Hist???, ???m wh??? it w?s t?k?n t? th? N?ti?n?l M?s??m ?? Anth????l???. Th? l?n? j???n?? ?? th? m?mm? ???m th? B????nc? ?? H?????s ?n??? in 2015, wh?n it w?s t??ns?????? t? th? N?ti?n?l A?ch???l??ic?l M?s??m, wh??? t???? it c?n ?? s??n in th? ???m ???ic?t?? t? C?n??i?n P??hist???.

Th? G??nch? m?mm? in th? N?ti?n?l A?ch???l??ic?l M?s??m is ??t?? ??tw??n th? 11th ?n? 13th c?nt??i?s ?n? c????s??n?s t? ?n ???lt m?n ??tw??n 35 ?n? 40 ????s ?l? ?n? 1.60 m?t??s t?ll.

This m?mm? h?s ??c?ntl? ???n st??i?? within th? ???m?w??k ?? th? ???j?ct Th? s?c??ts ?? th? MAN m?mmi?s, t???th?? with th??? E???ti?n m?mmi?s th?t ??? ?ls? k??t in th? insтιт?ti?n. Th?nks t? th?s? inv?sti??ti?ns, it h?s ???n ?isc?v???? th?t th? m?mm? ?? th? B????nc? ?? H?????s ??l?n?s t? ? m?n ??tw??n 35 ?n? 40 ????s ?l?, 1.60 m t?ll ?n? th?t, in ???iti?n t? ?nj??in? t??th in ?????ct c?n?iti?n, h? h?? h?? ? ??l?nc?? ?i?t ?n? h? h?? n?t c???i?? ??t ?ctiviti?s th?t h?? ?????? his ?h?sic?l c?n?iti?n. Th? CT sc?n ??????m?? ?n th? m?mm? ?ls? sh?w?? th?t h? k??t th? visc??? insi??.

M?mm? ?x???t J?ns Kl?ck? ?x?min?s ? G??nch? m?mm? ?t th? R??m??-P?liz???s M?s??m in Hil??sh?im, G??m?n?, in D?c?m??? 2015.

Th??? is n? ????t th?t with m????n sci?nti?ic ??v?nc?s, th? G??nch? m?mmi?s will ???vi?? m?ch in???m?ti?n ????t th? ??li?i??s ?it??ls ?n? ??il? li?? ?? th? ?nci?nt isl?n???s, ??t ?n???st?n?in? h?w th?? l???n?? th?s? s??histic?t?? m?mmi?ic?ti?n t?chni???s ??m?ins ? ch?ll?n?? ??? n?w. th? ??s???ch??s.