“Tender Goodbye: Loyal Dog’s Touching ɡeѕtᴜгe at Owner’s сoffіп Reflects deeр Grief and emotіoп”

As animals close to humans, lovely dogs are always loyal to their owners. Once their owners die, they will be extremely sad, longing and even mourning the person who once cared for them. This is also a heartwarming story that many people have recently shared on social media in the Philippines.

The lost dog and the ‘old professor’ Four years ago, there was a dog with flank fur, with a small yellow spot on its head and ears, lost in Manila, Philippines.

Fortunately, he was adopted by a man and was called BuƄoy. This man is a professor named Carmelito Marcelo, 58, who teaches at MaƄalacat City University in Paмpanga, Philippines.

BuƄoy was originally a stray dog who was picked up by a teacher. The teacher loves the dog very much. He was always the one who took care of and brought food to this four-legged friend. In response, BuƄoy also has special feelings for him. Every day, he often goes to school and lies at the feet of the teacher who plays with him on campus…

One day, the teacher had a stroke and the dog, not knowing what happened, sat and waited in front of the classroom. He buƅoy says a loving farewell to the ʋold professor Although his teacher is dead, BuƄoy is still completely unconscious. Todaʋía waits for the teacher at the classroom door every day. BuƄoy’s eyes of expectation and disappointment made many teachers and students in the school feel heartbroken and sad.

Later, BuƄoy was brought to the funeral by the professor’s students. Given BuƄoy’s desperate expectations for the teacher, his students decided to take BuƄoy to the funeral to say their last goodbyes to his teacher. Standing in front of the old professor’s coffin, BuƄoy cried out painfully like a cry, which made everyone present very emotional.

BuƄoy lay silent in front of the professor’s coffin. Not only that, the dog also stayed in the coffin for a long time, touched the photo with his front paws, and patiently lay down next to the coffin when he realized his owner was lying there. BuƄoy seemed to understand that this would probably be the last time he would see the old professor, his beloved friend and teacher.

BuƄoy was then raised by students and staff at the school. They also plan to find him a warm new home. It is known that after the funeral, the staff, students and faculty of the school raised BuƄoy. They also plan to help him find a warm home, a new owner who will love him like the old professor did.

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