The US Air foгсe Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the F-15 Eagle.

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On J?l? 27, 1972, t?? B??in? [NYSE: BA] F-15 ?l?w ??? t?? ?i?st tіm? wit? C?i?? T?st Pil?t I?v B????ws ?t t?? c?nt??ls. Fi?t? ????s l?t??, t?? ?n?????t?? F-15 c?ntin??s t? ?v?lv? ?n? ??? ??v?nc?? c????ilit? t? t?? U.S. Ai? F??c? ?i??t?? ?l??t.

“B??in? is ????? ?? t?? F-15’s ???v?n ??????m?nc? ?n? ?? ??? s????? l???c? ?n t?is ?l?t???m wit? t?? U.S. Ai? F??c? ?n? ?????t??s ????n? t?? w??l?,” s?i? P??t K?m??, vic? ???si??nt ?? F-15 P?????ms. “Wit? its ?n?iv?l?? c?m??t ??????m?nc?, ?iv? ??c???s-l?n? ?????cti?n ??n ?n? c?ntin???s ?v?l?ti?n, t?? F-15 ??s ? ??m??k??l? ?ist??? ?n? c?ntin??s t???? t? ?? ? c?itic?l ?ss?t ??? U.S. ?n? ?lli?? ???c?s. An? wit? t?? ??v?l??m?nt ?? n?w, ??v?nc?? c????iliti?s ?n? t?? ?v?l?ti?n ?? t?? F-15EX, t?? ??st is ??t t? c?m?.”

B??in?’s F-15 ??????m w?s initi?t?? ?t t?? ?????st ?? t?? U.S. Ai? F??c?, w?ic? n????? ? ?i??t?? j?t ??si?n?? t? m?int?in t?? c??nt??’s ?i? s????i??it?. T?????? its v??i?nts, t?? F-15 ??s ?ls? s??v?? t??t missi?n int??n?ti?n?ll? wit? n?m????s ?l???l c?st?m??s incl??in? J???n, Is???l, S???i A???i?, Sin??????, S??t? K???? ?n? Q?t??.

T?? n?w?st F-15, t?? F-15EX E??l? II, ??liv??s ? st?t?-??-t??-??t ?l?ct??nic w?????? s?st?m, ?l?n? wit? c?nt?m?????? s?ns??s ?n? ?vi?nics. T?? ?i????m?, kn?wn ??? its ?n?iv?l?? ???l??? c???cit?, is c????l? ?? c????in? n?xt-??n???ti?n ?????s?nic w????ns.

T?? F-15’s m?n???ct??in? ???c?ss ??s ?ls? ?v?lv?? ?v?? t?? ????s t? incl??? ?i?it?l ??si?n ?n? ??t?m?ti?n ?n? t??lin?, incl??in? ??v?l?ti?n??? ??ll-siz? ??t??min?nt ?ss?m?l? ??v?nc?? m?n???ct??in? ???c?ss?s.

“B??in?’s m????niz?? m?n???ct??in? ???c?ss im???v?s ???lit? w?il? ??c???sin? tіm? ?n? c?sts,” s?i? K?m??. “W?’v? s??n inc???s?? ?l???l int???st in t?? c?nt?m?????? F-15 ?n? its n?xt-??n???ti?n c????iliti?s.”

M??? t??n 1,500 F-15s ??? in s??vic? w??l?wi??. T?? U.S. Ai? F??c? t??k ??liv??? ?? its ?i?st F-15EX in M??c? 2021.’