An elephant that was saved from a circus and is blind is welcomed by the herd at the sanctuary.

Elephants are such intelligent and emotional animals

This ᴜпfoгtᴜпаte elephant ɩoѕt her vision and was rescued from a circus.

At an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, a rescued elephant is greeted in one of the most beautiful love and mercy that nature has ever shown. This elephant spent 30 years of her life serving in a circus, before being saved and taken to Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park. The elephant at the sanctuary, who has lived аɩoпe for the most of her life, is welcomed with the greatest warmth.

The gentle giant carried tourists on her back for decades around the streets of Thailand.

One of the most emotional scenes I’ve ever seen. The whole herd comes up to give the rescued elephant a small fraction of their limitless sympathy.

Save elephant foundation stated: “She transported tourists every day with both eyes blind.”

“She transported riders till dusk every day. While the tourist was riding on her back, she used a trunk to smell the раtһ”

She ended up in a place where she found the love and comfort she never had. Let’s hope for the best for her. God bless her.

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