LeBron’s Beach Runs showcase his healthy physique, drawing onlookers at Miami Beach

In the words of basketball star King James (LeBron James), we are undeserving.

When filming a Nike commercial on Miami Beach earlier this week, the fearsome 6′ 8″ Miami Heat player was in top form.

A 28-year-old sportsman without a shirt was seen running on the dunes wearing matching black Nike trainers and shorts.

James, who is a member of the Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham, and Keith Richards, just finished in the top ten of Vanity Fair’s yearly coveted best-dressed list.

The longtime friend and NBA star, Savannah Brinson, has finalized their wedding plans, and the two are anticipated to say their ⱱowѕ in September.

We’re not аɡаіпѕt him making a comeback.

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