S.Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries invests in Peru

South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Group announced that it has awarded a ɩапdmагk deal worth $463 million to Peru.

The contract, awarded by Peru’s state-owned shipbuilder SIMA Peru S.A., entails the joint production of four warships for the Peruvian Navy at the Callao shipyard.

The order encompasses a diverse fleet, including a 3,400-ton frigate, a 2,200-ton Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), and two 1,500-ton Landing Craft Units (LCUs).

HHI and SIMA Peru S.A. will collaborate closely in the shipbuilding process, with HHI spearheading the design and provision of equipment and technical support, while SIMA Peru will oversee the final stages of construction.

The selection of HHI follows a rigorous evaluation process conducted by SIMA Peru, which considered proposals from leading shipbuilders worldwide. Factors such as technology transfer, local industry participation, technical expertise, pricing, and construction timelines were meticulously assessed to ensure the optimal outcome for Peru’s defense requirements.

The project marks Korea’s largest-ever warship export deal to Latin America.

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